Flood Detection

Commercial Flood Detection

Commercial Flood Detection

How would you like to be alerted if moisture, such as leaks or flooding, is detected at your business?

Prevent costly water damage to your business with Water Management.

This feature allows for the monitoring of water sensors and valves throughout your business, providing another layer of security and awareness. You can also monitor sump pump activity and receive an alert if there is an issue.

With an energy monitoring switch and a water sensor paired together, you will be alerted when your sump pump is not running or if the water level is too high.

Check status of shut–off valves and water sensors.

Receive an alert when water is detected by a sensor.

Open and close shut–off valves remotely.

Turn off water if a flood sensor is activated or have it automatically done with a shut–off valve.

Flood Detection
Water Shutoff

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