Ride Along Camera

DashCam Ride Along Camera

DashCam Ride Along Camera

How would you like to be able to view recorded videos taken from the dashboard view of your vehicle?

Breakthroughs in dashboard cameras allow you record and view videos in full HD.

You have 2 recording options:

  1. Continuous recording will record continuously
  2. Parking & Event recording: Recording will only take place while parking or when events that trigger the g–sensor occur.

The camera has an internal GPS that tracks your location while you are driving.

Internal wifi is available to quickly view and download recorded videos, providing immediate and unquestionable evidence.

Videos are recorded onto a microSD which can be removed in order to view the videos on a computer, or device that has a usb port.

Software for your computer is available, which allows you to view recorded videos and see the map of where your vehicle was at a specific moment in that video.

There is even a built–in microphone that can capture audio, should you need it when dealing with unruly drivers.

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DashCam Ride Along Camera