Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring

Would you like to be able to monitor the energy being used in your home and remotely turn off devices to save on your bill?

Get real insight into your energy use with Energy Monitoring. See where you are consuming the most energy and easily make changes that have real impact.

Connect all of your key systems with one totally personalized solution and start getting more from your home.

Having all of your mission critical services working together in your home, like security and energy management, makes them more efficient.

Take control of your energy usage and cut energy costs without compromising your lifestyle.

Energy Monitoring accompanied by hardware, for example Home Energy Meters and Energy Monitoring Appliance Modules, allow you to take control of your energy consumption and reduce energy bills.

Energy Monitoring shows you your energy usage behavior by providing information on the whole home, large circuit and appliance levels. You also have the ability to use rules and goals to cut energy use, and be able to visualize the reduction in energy use.

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