Home Automation

Home Automation

Home Automation

How would you like to connect key devices in your home to be remotely interactive, intelligent and adaptive?

Connect all of the key devices in your home, giving you smart, responsive automation and seamless control that you can´t get from stand–alone solutions.

The power of a truly connected home is in the details. It´s more than having automated lights, or a thermostat that adjusts on schedule. The intelligence from all of your connected devices puts them to work together, making your house an ecosystem that learns and adapts to meet your needs.

The flexible rules engine lets you have precise control of your system so that you get exactly what you need. Have one setting for when the kids arrive home after school, and a different setting for weekends.

Simplify your daily routine by putting your house to work for you. Easy to use custom triggers let you consolidate multiple actions into one to control your lights, locks and thermostat automatically. For example, set a trigger to automatically arm your system and turn off the lights when you leave and lock the front door, so that you don´t have to remember to do it.

Know the instant something happens at home. Get real time text or image alerts when the door is unlocked, get a video alert if there is motion in the basement or get notified if someone goes into your home office when you´re away.

Have your home automatically adjust when it detects that you´ve left your home geo–fence, or when you´re approaching it. Use Geo–Services to have video monitoring pause for privacy when you are home, or have your thermostat begin adjusting to the right temperature — even before you arrive.

Automate lights to turn off when the system is armed or the door is closed.

Remotely open and close garage doors.

Automatically adjust your thermostat when you leave home.

Get a text alert whenever the front door is unlocked.

Set triggers to automatically respond to emergency conditions.

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