Two–Way Voice

Two–Way Voice

Two–Way Voice

Would you like to communicate with a live operator through your security panel in the event of an alarm?

With the industry leading wireless two–way voice solution, you can have all the benefits of traditional two–way emergency voice service and still eliminate your landline phones, letting you save money without sacrificing your security. In the event of an alarm, the wireless radio integrated with your security system will immediately establish a two–way voice session with our central station, all without the need for a traditional telephone connection. This feature enables loud and clear voice communication with the customer premises via the security panel speaker and microphone, allowing the operator to reliably verify and respond to an alarm.

No Phone Line Required.

Loud and Clear Voice Quality.

Enhanced False Alarm Detection.

Seamless Integration with the Central Station.

Two Way Voice
Alarm Verification

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Two–Way Voice
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